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Mission - To strive for the highest achievements possible in the sport of paintball. To increase life skills like teamwork and determination on the road to our goal and most of all, to always just have fun when your on the field.

Thomas Glendenning – Born March 21, 1996 – 13 Years Old

I live for the fast pace strategy game that we call paintball. It is by far my biggest sport and the hobby that I spend the most time on. I am always studying paintball clips and practicing the basics that make up this amazing sport. I love the thrills of tournament ball and can never wait to get on the field. I believe in my team and know how much we can accomplish. I know that paintball is growing and enjoy watching the sport grow. I still am amazed at how far the sport has come already. I practice as often as I can and thanks to my sponsors it is possible for me to improve and play consistently. I always am looking to win and can’t wait to progress as a team.

Thomas is definitely the one that’s keeps the team laughing. He is a great guy and has a great sense of humor. He’s a lot of fun to be around and keeps the team unique. 


Scott Horst – July 12, 1993 – 15 Years Old

I have played at least five years against friends and others during walk-ons at OA to get better individually. I have played with Chris May and John Beckman since I first started and have since then drilled myself. I practice target shooting to work on accuracy and speed to allow me to gain an advantage on the field over my opponent. My goal is to become a fast dominant player on the field.

Scott is a veteran on the field and a leader off the field. He is a great teammate and represents his team with honor.  


John Beckman – Born October 9, 1993– 15 Years Old

I have played paintball for about five to six years. I play almost every weekend and practice with my gun to work on speed and accuracy. My goals on this team are to have fun, be together as a team, and be able to play all the time. I decided to play paintball because I was complimented by the refs at my friend’s birthday party my first time playing. I have found paintball to be a fun team sport to play. Paintball is an outstanding team building sport and I enjoy it because it’s not like any other sport I’ve ever played. This sport also allows my team to bond and become close friends.

John is an outstanding player on the field and definitely the entertainer and clown of the team. He is very serious and has dedicated himself to paintball on a level outside most players on the team.  


Chris May – Born June 16, 1994 – 15 Years Old This June

I was introduced to paintball by my teammate, John Beckman. John and I have played together and not only become great teammates but we have also bonded and are now best friends. I am extremely serious about the sport and have dedicated my time as manager and captain to the team. I have high expectations for this young team and hope to bring them home many trophies. I have a strong passion for the sport and am always looking for a way to improve my skills as well as my teams. I have loved paintball ever since I have started and have never thought otherwise. I want to thank all of our sponsors and supporters.

Chris is a very poised and determined member of PXS. He has dedicated hours to his team and truly loves the sport. You could not find a better teammate. 


Will Snow – May 23, 1996 – 13 Years Old in May

I want to start by expressing my enthusiasm for the sport. I have played every month with Dean and we have progressed through practice and by receiving tips from people on the field and on paintball forums. I have played for a little over 2 years now and feel like my game is steadily improving. My knowledge of the sport and the equipment is constantly improving. I have been learning how to play all the positions on the field to make myself even more useful to the team. I have also improved my strategies and understanding of different situations. I do my best to know as much about every gun, including specs and how they work, to allow me to help my teammates if they have any problems with their equipment. This has not only helped me to find the gun that’s right for me but also allowed me to develop a huge appreciation for the people who build the guns and the technologies they invent.

Will is an extremely important asset to the team and well respected by its members. He is fun to be around and one of the most serious players on the team. He really knows is stuff and definitely is the guy to look to if you have a problem with your equipment. 


Dean Rowe – Born May 3, 1995 – 14 years old

Starting out with my long time buddy and teammate, Will Snow, I have two years of experience. This is my first official paintball team and I am proud to be a member. I believe that the sport of paintball improves my teamwork and gives me something to work for. My main goal is for me to help this team reach its potential and then bring the level of play beyond that. I really love the sport and want to do my best to make it bigger than it is. Thanks to our sponsors and future sponsors we have been given the chance to improve to a higher level of play. I always try to help the team as much as possible.I never go a minute without thinking what I can do for my team.

Dean is a great teammate and a respectable guy. His priority is always the teams and not his own. He is always willing to help out. He is a very honorable and thorough teammate. He spends hours helping the team and is very dedicated. He always helps teammates with problems and is a very valuable member of the team just like everyone else.


Kevin Conroy – March 18, 1996 – 13 Years Old

I believe that paintball is a great learning experience. Paintball is a very fun sport and involves lots of teamwork. This is definitely and awesome sport that everyone should try. I truly believe that paintball is one of the greatest sports ever. My involvement in the sport is to be with my team and to help the team be the best it can be.

Kevin is a younger player on the team and is steadily improving his skills. He is very accurate and a great teammate.






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