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Here are the Rules to our first Tourny...Will emailed us this...

The age requirement for playing is 12 years old. So as long as everyone is 12 years old or older your team will be fine. You will need to have a parental signed insurance waiver in order to play. You can download the waiver off the
I have attached a copy of the rules that we usually follow for this tournament. Since this tournament is geared for newer tournament players we follow a relaxed rules guideline. They will make hard calls on wiping and cheating but will work with you on most other rules. This tournament is a great way to start your tournament career without spending alot of money and having more experienced teams dominate the division. 
The tournament is scheduled for Sunday June 28, 2009. Captains meeting is scheduled for 8:00am(depending on everyone checking in) and first game beginning soon after captain's meeting. Depending on the number of teams scheduled depends on how long the tournament will last.. Normally all tournaments are done by 4-5pm. If  you are still planning on attending you will need to be registered no later than Thursday June 25, 2009. You can do this online at our website
Please feel free to call/email us with anymore questions. Thanks again. 






Outdoor Adventures Almost Free Five Man Tournaments are a great way to begin your tournament experience. Below are the following rules that will be enforced strictly.






      GOGGLES: Factory unmodified, full face and ear protection. No modifications allowed!

      CLEATS: No metal cleats allowed!

    PADDING: One layer of protective padding on neck, elbows/forearms, knees/shins, groin.

          Only one layer of underclothing is allowed. 

      JERSEYS/PANTS: Do not need to have matching attire. Do not need to wear jerseys or paintball  




       GAME LENGTH: 5 minute game time with a 10 second warning. The flag will be              

        hung in the center at game start and must hang flag in opponent’s station for flag

        hang. Guns must be pointed at and touching the base of the flag station at game start.

        Keep your barrel bags on until you hear, “Socks off, 10 second Warning in 3,2,1…10 seconds.”.    

You cannot hang the flag for the other team.


        PENALTIES:                 One for One

        Assessment of the one-for-one penalty (the removal of the player committing the

        Infraction and a teammate) may take place for the following infractions:

Playing-On: A player that continues to play after an obvious hit is playing-on,

                but does not materially influence the course of the game.

Disobedience: Player fails to obey a direct instruction of a referee(discretionary)
Physical Aggression:  Player attempts physical contact with another person on

      the field in a hostile manner.

Affiliated Spectator Interference: Spectator that is known to be affiliated with team or player   on team provides strategic advice.
Tools: Player possesses, but does not use tools on playing field.
Faulty Check-Out: Live player checks out at game end with an obvious hit.
Distraction Tactics: Requesting a paint check to distract a referee from a hit on player or player’s teammate.
Freight Training: applied for each infraction
Ramping. Guns found to be ramping on the field will be assessed a one for one.

                                      Two for One

Assessment of the two-for-one rule(the removal of the player committing the infraction and two teammates) may take place for the following infractions:

Playing On: Player continues to play after an obvious and materially alters the

course of the game.


         Assessment of the three-for-one rule(the removal of the player committing the

         infraction and three teammates) may take place for the following infractions:

Playing On: Player fires marker after acknowledging elimination.
Wiping: Player deliberately removes paint in order to avoid elimination.


         290fps or less                 no penalty

         291-300fps                     elimination

         301-309fps                     one for one(elimination plus another player)

         310 fps and over             one for one and possible suspension (3 games)


          No burst, ramp, full auto markers allowed. Penalty will be a one for one.


        Throwing equipmentimmediate ejection.

         Abandoned Equipment: equipment must remain within 5 feet except rags, squeegees and pods



         Referee Hand Signals: Referee hand signals will be as follows:

10 second to game start: The head ref will signal 10 seconds to game start by raising his right hand.
Game Start: The head ref will signal the game start by dropping his right hand.
Eliminated: Referee will signal when a player is eliminated by holding his right hand on top of his head and pointing his left arm at the player to be eliminated. The referee will then pull the eliminated player’s armband. The referee cannot put a player back after calling a player eliminated with a hand signal.
Safe: Referee will signal safe by waving both hands in front of his body. This “safe” signal indicates that a player is considered clean of a hit and is still an active part of the game.
Neutral: Referee will signal a player neutral by waving a towel over his head. Referee will then check player and make a safe or eliminated call. Neutral calls are at the discretion of the referee, and will only be made in extreme cases where it is difficult to check players for hits.
One-for-One: Referee will call a player eliminated for a One-for-One using the eliminated signal first followed by a double fist up and down movement both arms in front of his body. Referee will then pull a player’s armband and again signal one-for-one. The double fist up and down may be repeated as necessary for two-for-one and three-for-one eliminations.  

        7.)  Flag Hang: Referee will signal flag hang by placing both arms over his head and holding left

                 wrist with right hand.

Game End and Stoppages: The Head Ref will signal the game end or game stop by waving both hands overhead so that the wrists cross.



Pull                       10 Points

Hang                     35 Points

Live                        1 Point Each

Dead                      2 Points Each

Total Max             60  Max


General Rules


       Schedule: After a game ends, pick up all of your pods(put in jersey); have three team members

       take your guns for air and the other two take pods for paint filling. Know you schedule! Be aware if    

       you have a fast turnaround. If you need help, ask us.


Scoresheet: It is the winning team captain’s responsibility to retrieve the score sheet and take it to the scoring table. Please check the score sheet to make sure there are no mistakes. Once the scoresheet is turned in it is final! Team captain’s of the losing team have the responsibility to check the score sheet to make sure your team receives the correct amount of points due.

Please be aware of your score at all times. If you have any issues the only the TEAM CAPTAIN checks in at the scoring table. Make sure you know which game and field number that is in dispute.


       Cursing: No cursing allowed! Violators will be eliminated (after a warning)


       Spectators: Please be aware that any spectators that are caught helping a team to win will result in

       penalties for that team. Make sure family and friends watching are aware of this so they don’t cause

       your team to lose the points. This includes shadowing the opposing team (standing inline with

       opposing team players in order to give any their position).


Trash: When registering your team in the morning your team will be issued a trash bag. Please use   the bag for trash. At the end of the day please leave your bag and any paint boxes in a pile at the end of your staging area. THANK YOU!  

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